Life of Soren

Sorry for no updates, these last few months have been busy. Lets see if I can list it all without boring anyone:

  • I graduated from college with a BS degree in Digital media for Gaming with a specialization in fx creation. I was the only girl in the gaming section so woot, but got teased a lot. Tried not to let it get to me but it kinda really did. Girls can’t be gamers so we obviously can’t make them as well as a guy so…. but hey I was the first in my immediate family to graduate so yay.
  • I moved. I now live with my boyfriend which is great but he works a lot and our sleep schedules are pretty un-synced. He goes to bed way later than I do and he works almost every night and likes to sleep really late. We’re no where near done unpacking like I’d like.
  • On that note I start working at the same place tomorrow, kinda nervous I’ll fuck up. Keep hoping to hear back from a gaming company so I can do what I love but -shrug- I’m discouraged. I keep getting told to learn more which is great but I don’t have time now because of new job. I keep getting told I’ll never really get time off which isn’t good because I have prior commitments though they don’t pay. And learning new things is a must for me in my field.
  • I keep thinking about getting my masters but I can’t find any place that has a decent effects program for a decent price.
  • I’ve been sick more times this year than I would like to admit, worst of which was this passed weekend where I couldn’t stand. That was fun.
  • I have costumes I want to get done but don’t have the time to do them, which is bad. 
  • I haven’t painted since Christmas and I miss it.
  • I have to pay off something like $20,000 in loans starting almost immediately. I’m already getting the bill statements.
  • I just feel like if I hadn’t graduated life would be easier yet in the same moment more complicated. 

But hey if you stuck with me this long I can at lease show you all my demo reel, right? Music is temporary so ignore it if you want. Let me know your thoughts by sending my a message I’d love to hear from you.



New trend in wedding cakes. It’s a good trend.

why wasn’t I told about this

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Every time I watch The Great Game, one thing bothers me:





There is no way a genius like Sherlock would treat a gun like that. I mean, he’s literally scratching his head with it. He may walk on the wild side, but he’s not an idiot.

I watched this again the other night to prepare myself for Reichenbach Falls, when suddenly it hit me.

Where on earth did Sherlock get a gun from, anyway? Not John, definitely.

And then it hit me:









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In honor of the Academy awards, reblog this before midnight tonight and I will draw you a dress based off of your blog theme.

(like this one, based off of mine!)


(sorry it’s a bit bad, I had to do it three times because I kept deleting it accidentally xP)

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My boyfriend just cut off the top of a pineapple, set it on top of his head and said:

"Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?"

I love him




ok why the shit haven’t i seen this yet? AAAA

this is the coolest portal thing i have ever seen oh my GOD

I needed this in mah life.

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I’m in a relationship… our love is canon….. my best friend’s OTP is real. ^_^

I’, dating my best friend and all is amazing *^_^*

So school has started back and that’s all well, classes were cancelled on friday and thursday evening so the class that scares me hasn’t happened yet, thank the gods. Also I’m in a class were all I do is argue with people. I’ll be posting some photos later in the month from my independent study so watch for those. 

Also I’ll be posting my portfolio on here and I’d like for some critiques of it if anyone has time (just tell me if it looks professional or if there’s any errors).

God I don’t want to go to class tomorrow >.<

Also look for pictures of Caroline and Cave Johnson From me in a few weeks or so. ;)


hey there delilah whats it like up in rack city?

i see 10s of 10s of 20s laying down upon your titties

yes i do

no one can twerk dat ass like you

i swear its true

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Emotions suck…. feeling down for literally no reason sucks… just because of one fucking memory…. 

I’m gonna go kill off a character in my book…. that always makes me feel better….